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Vivian Larible España

Vivien Espana.jpg

Vivien Larible España, is a seventh generation circus performer and hails from the famous Larible family in Italy. Vivien delights audiences with her grace and strength with her many aerial skills, like the Arial Lyra and Silks performing in prominent venues like The Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl.


Vivien’s Washington Trapeze Act which consists of her spinning around in the air while standing on her head, was featured in many well-known venues like Carre in Amsterdam. She also appeared in the international festival of Monte Carlo and was featured in the center ring of Ringling Bros. as well as Barnum & Bailey Circus for 6 years. Vivian was also featured in Disney’s Sing Along DVD video, “Lets Go To The Circus”.


Vivien has been traveling around the globe performing for most of her life and is fluent in five languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English. She Continues to wow audiences all over the world from where she knows the best, Way up above in the air!

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