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Elan España

Elan España, is the youngest family member of  6th & 8th generation circus performers. Elan began to play around with the Juggling Diabolos at the age 6. Since then, he has been around the world performing his fun, energetic yet very skillful routine with his Juggling Diabolos, juggling up to 4 Diabolos at one time!

His charisma and talent has landed him in major newspapers and on posters like, The Sydney Times and the Sydney Opera House Billboards in Sydney, Australia at the age of seven, following that he made a special appearance  at the Teatro Curci in Barletta, Italy. He then toured the US to perform in front of many famous symphony orchestras like the Boston Symphony, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and the prestigious Hollywood Bowl Orchestra at the famous Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood California with Cirque Musica.

 Now, Elan has mastered the skill of the Cyr-Wheel. His love for producing music and acrobatic background gives Elan an advantage to craft a one of kind Cyr Wheel Act in which he featured at the Broadway Theater  in Myrtle Beach USA.

On February 5th 2022 at the Ring of Fame Induction in Sarasota Florida, Elan was awarded The Generation Next Award, honoring young artists on their stairway to stardom.

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