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Noemi Lee España

Noemi is an 8th generation performer who debuted her Hula Hoop act in Spain at the age of 14, which later sent her to perform in Circo Price  in Madrid Spain. Her act is unique as she is one of the few people who can spin 8 Metal Hula Hoops at once and finish her act with spinning multiple hoops all over her body while getting lifted in the air making her a one of a kind Hula Hoop act.

Since then  Noemi has been performing for audiences in many parts of the world including the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Barletta Italy, Panama, and many more. Her natural talent to sync her movements with the music landed her a symphony theatre tour with Cirque Musica across the US and Canada. Including a monumental performance at the famous Hollywood Bowl.

Noemi’s beauty and charismatic persona shines while she performs with her unique physical ability to make beautiful human sculptures.  Her contortion ability has placed her as a headliner on billboards, posters, and transit buses throughout different cities where she has performed. Noemi’s unique and rare skill to shoot at a target with a bow and arrow with her feet alone, keeps the audience in suspense and  awe.

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